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Here is a small selection of comments from children and adults

“thanks for making half term special …. We are up to chapter four and can’t wait to read more.” Lula Hammond, age 7

“I enjoyed it so much I have read it 4 times ...” Freddie Lane, age 8
“... the best book I have read by far ... EASY TO PICK UP, IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT DOWN!” Katie McGorry, age 8

 “Having read the first and been waiting for the second ... “ ... it finally arrived on Christmas morning! I was so excited that I danced around the room with it, shouting “Yes, yes, it’s FINALLY here!” Antonio Harris, age 8

“I always got headake when I read hard books but this book, it made me dance!” Rikuki Tsuda (Japanese boy), age 9

The plot is exciting and easy to follow. Cat-Haven is described in detail and you feel that you are there!” Natalia Desselberger, age 9

“This is a purrrrrfect book for cat lovers like me and people who like mysteries. I love the fun jokes and poems and I enjoyed dressing up as Stanley Smartpants on World Book Day at school.” Lois Kemp-Harper, age 9 

On the Poisoned Parrots – “I think it is your best so far and I love how the blinking is what decides the arrest …… it was very misleading and it left me wondering …. I did a lot of sneak reading to finish this book and almost never put it down. It is amazing, and having two criminals really throws you down a false trail.” Orlando Morris, age 9 (in Australia)

“Your book has really inspired me to do more writing and you have shown me that not all books are boring.” Helenka Manford, age 10

“…. was the best book I’ve ever read. It keeps you in suspense till the end. THE BOOK IS AMAZING!” Cameron Khanna, age 10

“Stanley Smartpants is the best book ever. Jokes, mystery and fun galore. I couldn’t put it down. So good.” Olivia Artz, age 10

“I think it is very funny and overall one of the best books I have ever read.” Nathan Butterworth, age 10

“I love your first book so much I have read it seven times (currently reading it for the eighth time).” Freya Ivy Medniuk, age 11

“The most fantastic book I have ever read.” Caitlin Maciver, age 11

“We were not that big fans of reading but I think your book has changed mine and Jonathan’s mind completely as we adore Stanley and his crew!” Grace Jenkin, age 11   
“… it is the best book I have ever read! Every time I pick the book up for a bit I end up crying in tears of laughter.” Madeleine Jarmey

“... undeniably unquestionably unputtdownable.” Noa Shmueli

“It is a brilliant book .... a real page turner.” Beth Squire, age 12

“My grandson Harry loved the book and has read it three times.” June Nayler

“Just wanted to share the happiness your books delivered for Christmas …. He went up to bed for a good read …. it was another giddy bubble of happy! So thank you for writing such amazing books!!” Hannah Skeritt

“... my daughter Olivia ... she sits and reads and chuckles - what more can you ask for? Emma Lee

“My young granddaughter says your stories are as good as Harry Potter.” Kay Buckwright

“I have been reading your book to my neighbour’s children. They could not wait for the next chapter and kept coming round nearly every day to hear more. They have voted it the best book ever.” Barbara Pleace

“I just wanted to say how ****** brilliant this book is …. I honestly could not put the book down …. Please don’t ever stop writing … I have just graduated from uni with a law degree so this book is definitely for everyone!”Michelle Yates, 21.

“... I could barely put it down, I was hooked into the plot ... I really enjoyed the suspense and the humour.” Rachel Thomas, 30s

“ ... bought it for my 6 year old daughter ... reading to her ... after she had fallen asleep I found myself unwilling to put the book down so much so that it became MY Stanley Smartpants book.” Wendy Somerville, 30s

“A book for kids of all ages including those like me in their fifties.” Kathryn Powley, 50s

 “I bought your book for my grandson to read because I thought it would be something he would enjoy. What I didn’t realise was, how much I would enjoy it as well!!! ... I was laughing so much my husband wondered what was going on!! Really good read, I shall reluctantly pass it on to my grandson.” Joan Hentall, age 81

“I enjoyed the book but you should have (a) warning notice of the danger that you cannot put the book down until it is read. I lost a lot of sleep as I read the book until the early hours before I could stop.” Patrick Tendrup, Age 90

Here are some of the original reviews for the very first book, Stanley Smartpants and the Mackerel Robberies

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