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During a robbery at the Cat Diamonds 'R' Us jewellery store, a hugely expensive necklace was stolen....
Klepto Klaws

One of the main suspects is a Sphynx called Klepto Klaws. He's an ugly cat, his body quite wrinkly and almost hairless, and his ears comically large. He has a black patch over one eye....

Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack has followed him to the Sea View Cafe ....

Jack phones the cat-police station
Jumping Jack Cheerful Charlie

The Sea View Café was at the rear of the cinema complex, attached to it at first floor level, but jutting out over the promenade almost as far as the sea wall.

Jack knew that he would have to climb the wide stone steps to the café before he could be sure that Klepto Klaws was inside. He took out his mobile phone and called the station.

“Hello!” said a familiar voice. “Cat-Haven Cat- Police. Cheerful Charlie speaking. How can I help you?”

Jack gave Charlie a brief summary of what had
occurred. “If I don’t ring you back within five minutes,
you can take it that Klepto Klaws is in the restaurant,
and I’m watching him. Send down a back up unit
fast – I’ll need at least two cats. I’m pretty sure he’s
got some kind of package with him, and I’d rather not
tackle him alone. Thanks Charlie.”

Jack climbed the stairs and entered the restaurant.
He saw Klepto Klaws straightaway, sitting at a window
table overlooking the sea. He chose to sit in the opposite
corner, which gave him a good view of Klepto. The
waitress-cat, a silver blue Korat with luminous olive
green eyes, came over to take Jack’s order.

“I’ll just have an orange juice, thank you.” As
soon as the words were out of his mouth he realised
to his horror that he had no money or credit cards
with him. But it was too late. He was committed to
keeping Klepto Klaws under observation.

Jack goes into the Sea View Café
Jumping Jack

Rain was falling steadily, the wind lashing against the windows. Jack gazed out at the beach below. It was deserted, save for a lone seagull that was strutting along the sand. It dipped its feet in the sea, allowing the gentle ripples of the outgoing tide to lap round its ankles. It seemed to be looking out towards the horizon where a large ship was anchored a kilometre or two out to sea. A large cat, muffled up against the weather, came in to view. He was strolling along the beach with his dog. The summer months were for the tourist-cats, and locals were not allowed to walk their dogs on the beach. Jack guessed that if Chief Inspector Dimwit had been with him, he would probably have gone down to the beach and arrested the cat on the spot. He smiled to himself at the thought.

The waitress-cat and Klepto Klaws have an argument
Klepto Klaws

He saw the waitress-cat approaching Klepto's table. She placed a plate of sausages, beans and chips in front of him. 'What the hell is this?' shouted Klepto. 'I didn't order this!' 'Yes you did.' The look that the waitress-cat gave Klepto told Jack that she would not back down. 'No I didn't. I don't like sausages.' Klepto's tone was extremely unpleasant. 'You did order it, you potty old crock!' Klepto cupped a furry paw round the back of one of his comically large ears. 'What did you say?' 'You heard! With ears as big as that you couldn't fail to hear!' Klepto Klaws glared at her. 'You're an insolent little cow. Dump this and give me what I ordered.' He pushed the plate away.

A smartly dressed cat arrives for a meeting with Klepto Klaws as Jack looks on

'I'll give you what you ordered, sir.' The waitress-cat's voice was as cold as Arctic ice. Calmly she picked up the plate. 'And as requested I'll dump it.' She tipped up the plate and deposited the entire contents into Klepto's lap. And for good measure she picked up his mug of hot, steaming tea, and poured it on top of the sausages, beans and chips. Klepto screamed. The waitress-cat swished her head dramatically and walked away from the table.

Jack wonders what to do next

Jack was watching this drama unfold with some amusement, but his eyes narrowed sharply when he saw Klepto Klaws hurriedly take a small package from his trouser pocket and place it on the table. It was something wrapped in white tissue paper, and appeared to have been stained by the hot tea that had leaked through his trousers. 'I bet that's the necklace,' Jack muttered under his breath.

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