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Are you a Joker? ..... Know any good jokes?

Would you like to send in a “Jumping Jack joke?”

If you would, just send it to Alexander Martin in an e-mail to

Any joke that Jack thinks is seriously cool will be included in Stanley’s next story with an acknowledgement of the joker’s name.

Jumping Jack

Hi, I'm Jumping Jack, and I'm always looking for new jokes. Specially if I can catch Stanley out!

Here are a couple my jokes as they appear in

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Jumping Jack
"How about this one? What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?"
"Stanley shook his head. “I’ve no idea."
Jumping Jack
“It’s obvious really. It’s a carrot! Ha! Ha! Ha!”
Jumping Jack
“What do you call a cat with a banana stuffed in both ears, Cyn?” said Jack, winking at Cynthia.“
“Dunno, Jack.”
Jumping Jack
“Anything you like, Cyn! Ha! Ha!”

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