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Stanley's Colouring Competition

Give Stanley a new wardrobe!

Your chance to give Stanley a brand new bow tie, waistcoat and pair of trousers that he might wear in his next adventure (Please do NOT colour in Stanley himself!). If your outfit is chosen for inclusion in the story you will get a credit in the front of the book. Alexander Martin must be able to describe it!

STOP PRESS - Stanley’s outfit for the front cover of his new book, Stanley Smartpants and the Exploding Bananas and designed by to Isabella Miller-Mears, age 11.

You can download the image of Stanley and COLOUR it in and email it to Stanley. Alternatively you can send it to Stanley in the post.

If you’ve read Stanley Smartpants and the Mackerel Robberies you’ll know that he has a large wardrobe of cool trousers – that’s one of the reasons he’s called Smartpants!

Simply click on Stanley then print him out. Once you have given him some new clothes, scan your image and attach it as a jpeg to an email. Or post it to Stanley at the address below.

Stanley needs to know:

  • Your name:
  • Your age:

Stanley's email:

Stanley's address

Ambassador Publishing Co.
6 Branscombe Close

Tel: 07885 405 665

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