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The Legend of the Birman Cat .... also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma

Birman Cat Club:

The legend has it that priests in northern Burma and Southern Tibet kept these cats as temple companions. The temple of Lao-Tsun, set in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, was guarded by 100 yellow-eyed white cats. One day it was attacked by their hated enemies from Siam, and the high priest was murdered. As he lay on his deathbed, his faithful cat, Sinh, gave him comfort. And as his master drew his last breath, Sinh gazed upon the sacred, golden goddess. Sinh was transformed into the most beautiful cat. His eyes became saphire blue to match the eyes of the goddess. His white fur took on a golden glow, and his ears, face, tail and legs became a velvety brown colour. Only the tips of his paws remained white. The other 99 white cats in the temple were similarly transformed the following day.

Like to see some beautiful Birmans? Then go to the Birman Cat Club website and choose Colour Gallery, or click this link

WARNING !! if you go to this website and view these beautiful cats, you will fall in love with Birman Cats for ever and ever and ever .... and you'll just have to have one - or even two!

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