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Meet the Author and Friends

Meet Alexander Martin

This is me on holiday in Spain with my favourite parrot!

Was this the inspiration for the parrot joke?

And enjoying a glass of wine with my partner, Deborah.

This is my son, Nick, with his wife Sally on their wedding day. Nick teaches at Oldway Primary School in the seaside town of Paignton in Devon. He’s also their computer expert! Cat-Haven-on-Sea is loosely based on Paignton, and Brixcat is modelled on the nearby town of Brixham.

This is my daughter, Jane, and me in Madrid. Jane teaches at St Mary’s Primary School in Finchley, North London, and when it comes to my writing she has always been my biggest supporter. Stanley Smartpants and the Mackerel Robberies is dedicated to her.

These are my grandchildren, Jack and Katie. Nick's kids!

Jack is a very lively, mischievous boy, and is always (well nearly always!) happy and smiling and jumping around. Without doubt he was the inspiration for the character, Jumping Jack. In Stanley Smartpants and the Mackerel Robberies Jumping Jack’s sister is the ice skating coach at the Cat-Haven Ice Rink, and is called Skatie Katie.

This is me, reading a story to Jack and Katie when they were younger. This is the occasion when I first had the idea of writing a children’s story.
This is how they were when the Mackerel Robberies was first published
A recent family photo which, as you can see, was taken in my back garden!
These are my special friends!

This is Ebony. She’s a Bichon Frisé.
Funny name for a white dog?
Ah …. but she’s got black eyes!

Can you guess why our hero, Stanley Smartpants, is a Birman?

This is Topaz – she’s a beautiful Birman, a Seal Point Tortie. Yes, you’ve guessed it – her eyes are the colour of the precious gem, topaz!

This is Rubyn – he’s a beautiful Birman too! He’s a Red Point. Rubyn is the male equivalent of the girl’s name Ruby, and of course the precious gem ruby is red.

This is my boat, which is moored in a beautiful marina called The Pike & Eel, near the town of St Ives in Cambridgeshire. Ebony just loves our river trips!

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